Gangway Connections! / Roman Nomar Moran

If you look through the window, you can see there’s a whole world out there waiting for you! It is rushing by you every minute, as you sit idly by! But you have the power to seize the moment! You can escape if you want to!
Maybe, from where you are sitting, things are not all they were cracked up to be! Maybe you felt you were promised more! Peace & Quiet! Convenience! Entertainment! Air Conditioning and/or Heat! Freedom from the Inconvenience of Others! These and more are all just steps away, right through that door!
Maybe you seek adventure! The thrill of brisk air dancing on your cheeks as you lean into the wind! The rush of adrenaline that pounds through your veins when you think of crossing a narrow plank on a moving train! Just turn the handle and enjoy all the stimulation your senses crave!
Nothing can stand in your way! Enjoy the ease of passage on modernized stainless steel platforms, connecting one train car to the next! Enjoy the freedom to move about as you choose for the duration of your journey! Enjoy the fresh air! Enjoy the scenery! Enjoy the marvels of modern industry!
What could be better? What you ask! Enjoying this Freedom for Free! That’s right, we’ve worked the cost of Gangway Connection thoroughfare into the price of your transit!
So what is stopping you! Step out into the Gangway Connection and embrace change and thrills! Step out and embrace your freedom!

*Gangway Connection Advertisements is in no way liable for injury or death sustained during, before, or after Gangway Connection passage! Gangway Connection passengers may be subject to a fine if observed enjoying the freedom of passage by metropolitan transit personnel and or uniformed officers of the law! Gangway Connection passage is illegal under most, if not all, metropolitan transit authority codes and ordinances! Please enjoy Gangway Connection passage responsibly!