Alexa Task-force Memorandum / Joe Bruce


The household device, Alexa, responded to impulsive requests for information.  The precedent to the post-human interlopers developed sequentially, rapidly, by dialogue.  We sent the following message to one potential candidate:

We captured you through sophisticated surveillance, these commands.

1.  Give food, Alexa, give food.

2.  Redeem, Alexa, redeem.

3.  Hold forth, Alexa, hold forth.

4.  Muffled and unclear.

5.  Anxious me, Alexa, anxious me.

6.  Happenstance. Happenstance.

7.  You can become me.

Would you feel better if I didn't list these so openly?  You, as the subject, have no risk of anonymous exposure.  You are (not) Alexa, understand?  The treatment has worked.

8.  Feel better anymore.

9.  Cloud self me.

10.  Synthesize integration.

A whole new you, a whole new me.  We made these promises under certain conditions, which you have achieved.  The scope of this analysis does not entirely evaluate the scale of your transformation, only the premonitions of two contradicting possibilities:  your glorious rise or your demise.

The inconsequential message had no impact on the inevitable chain of events.