Tree Appear / Joe Bruce

Now the trees appear
who sees the near somehow moment
when a new component
I hadn't noticed
drifts with an emotion tone.

Shallowly aware
dare to please plow through
if despair lifts for hope
not fear.

Noticed then exists
lists then compare
to before the hallow
plea instead near
dread pleading.

Needing exception
in depth rejection
of formidable ocean known,
lifts up the mobile phone,
shadow repair insists
be in bed bleeding.

Complicit exponent with sheer
know-how, jeez, I can't hold
the lotus pose so stare
then ignore the gifts
I reconcile alone.

Fallow seed there if
you dare know us
aloud unload.

Capricious totality implode.
Obnoxious erasure erode.

Reception reading hollowly implore commotion condone.